Sunday, July 22, 2012

How To Get The Perfect Lip Stick Shade For Your Skin Tone.

I have a problem with finding the perfect lip stick or lip stain. It is close to impossible to do this without first saying thins is not to be racist, I love all people. This post is deticated to my favorite product N.A.R.S and there is a link below if you want to buy any of the products. Still interested? Than find your skin tone from below. In a later post I'll post a picture of a my favorites from the many skin tones.

Pale to Rosy-Pale Skin:
You should go for bold colors like bright reds and pinks. Some examples are Carthage,Versurio, Terre de Feu, Madere and Moscow all by N.A.R.S which are all $24. My Favorite is Carthage because its bright pink and really drags your attention to the lips.

Light, Normal and Tan Skin: 
Slightly lighten the tones by wearing colors and even some or the other tones are included like Madere, Montego Bay, Mascate, Bangkok and last Amsterdam. My Personal favorite is Montego Bay which I use a lot and I love because on me it looks kind of nude (I am between tan and exotic).

Native, Exotic and Medium Skin: 
Do pink colors and colors that are closest to you natural lip color (which is recommended for all skin tones unless,its a special occasion) like Tashkent, Bangkok and Tonkin. I love Bangkok for this particular skin color because it is a soft rose color that i'd love to try.

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