Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fashion Advice 6.30.12

Overtime I've learned that if you mix cheap clothes and jewelry with expessive you have more... There was one point where I thought everything had to be name-brand but now I see thats not true. Last time I checked if you match Gucci and Forever 21 you can still be a trend setter. I dress for myself as self expression and, not to please others so always be true to yourself!
  -Amy A.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY Projects

Soon I'll be doing a DIY Collar I'll post pictures of each one.
Lately I've been into DIY projects. I redesigned basic white shirts and made them look worth $20 at the least. Yet my latest project is some bangles/bracelets like these. They make every outfit look great! (Supplies bought form Michaels)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Stuff, Yea.

Summer:   Being lazy,Going out on weekends, Watching movies on FX and HBO. I can't wait for school to start but the wheather is great! Anyway... Here's some pictures of clothes I love.

And here's are summer-y/spring-y nail polish. That I love its Sally Hansen which is sold at Target.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I love this colorblock!

My Feelings Revealed.

Everyone has imperfections mine I choose to hide under make-up. I have puffy eyes and a wierd mole that kind of looks like a dot above my eyebrow. When I wear heels I get little sores on my pinky toes that look like corns. I cover it with make up until my imperfections go away.Why I'm different I'll never know but I have to learn to love my imperfections. There's this problem where I doubt myself then I look in the mirror after, everyone says I'm so pretty and I finally agree. I always try to make myself seem perfect. This is something I've never admitted but now I guess I did.
                                                                                         Amy Abalroado

Summer and Other Things.

Summer  Melting Make-Up!
Today, I looked at and discover something. There are lipgloss' and other products that dont melt under the heat of the sun these poducts are Tarte (Frisky) and Rodin (Lip Butter) look at to discover some other products.

Also for the summer many people are cutting there hair into sleek bobs. If you have extremely long hair and cutting your hair isn't an option than do a updo using the natural texture of you hair to add a new flare that you'll love.

Summer Oufits
Color block is one of the hottest summer trends. Guess who was wear color block on the red carpert this summer, it was Kris Jenner other celebs like Katy Perry and that gorgous asian girl from pretty little liars also wore hot color block.Try it you never know it how you look until you attempt the look.

What I'm Up To?
Well in my spare time I've been reading a excellent book by someone named Sarah Dessen its called "Lock and Key" and I love it its about and troubled teen whose mom left her and now shes living with her old sister Cora. Did I mention Cora is married to a guy named Jaime who owns a social networking site? You'll have to read the book to find out the rest. Tomorrow I'm going to the water park. Yay!, But the drive will take forever :(.
                           Hope life is well for all, and I hope someones actually reading this....
                                                                                                                                  Amy Abalroado

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What my blog is about....

My blog will be about fashion, teen life, my life and well etc. I have a love for fashion which will be shown on myblogspot. I named my blog Amour Moda which means to love or have a passion for fashion in Portuguese. My race, location or any other extreme detail will not be listed though, I feel that may leave a little more to the imagination.